Dinner review and giveaway- Temazcal Cantina!

        I was in a moooood, and really just needed to get out and vent to someone…(sorry you had to be the chosen one ally) Ally was one of my closest friends in high school, and is still one of my closest friends today! I cherish our friendship so much… I mean, we have been close since freshman year of high school (which is sadly so long ago), running around with our jean skirts and white knee socks that only slightly peaked over the top of our ugg boots- taking peace sign selfies in the middle of the mall, sporting ribbon chokers… (this all happened, no exaggeration) So the fact that we are still close just proves we will be a part of each others lives forever. 
      I had to vent with a view though because I am still high maintenance even when it comes to venting (jokes..) but really, we decided to head to the Seaport District… Temazcal! I was so excited to eat some of the menu staples (hello lobster guac!), and also stare off into that beautiful view.. So no hesitations, we knew that was the place we wanted to go to have our chat session.  Plus, the amazing people at Temazcal gave me  TWO 50 dollar gift cards to the restaurant to give away to two of my readers…how amazing!? Trust me, after you see all these pictures you will be running to this restaurant! 

So, we got an absolutely amazing seat that perfectly displayed the gorgeous view- I mean, words can’t really express just how beautiful it is, so you can just check out the picture below:

YUP… Seriously though… how can you not get lost in that view! Ally was loving it too.. 

What a cutie bear. 
Our waiter Manny was absolutely fabulous, very attentive and knowledgable- he also got brownie points for bringing us over some chips and dips right away (which is so important, read image below…)

it comes with a vegan dip, refried beans, and another type of salsa… this is no tostitos dip- you can tell its all made in house.
And how could you not want to stuff your face with this amazingness? 

Manny then gave us great suggestions on both drinks and food we should check out…but  before he could even give us time to look at the menu, we both blurted out that we wanted the lobster guacamole… yeah you read that right, lobster guacamole! It is heaven in your mouth, and they don’t skimp out on the lobster! 

I know you are drooling right now? cause I certainly am.                                                                             Then my besos margarita came over- which I enjoyed thoroughly, I am usually not a huge margarita fan, but the tequila taste wasn’t overwhelming, and the natural flavors of the strawberry puree shined through! 

Of course we got lost between the view and the venting- so it took us awhile to finally decide on our food choices- but we decided to get another app, a side, and an entree to share! YES WE ATE A LOT AND WE HAVE NO REGRETS… 

 So we started with the trio of ceviche- I love me some lobster, so I wanted more, and this came with it! It was lobster, bay scallop and ahi tuna! 

I wish the pictures did this justice- delicious. 
Then we went with the chicken quesadillas, which was a large portion- perfect to share! 

We then wanted to try a side that was something completely unfamiliar to us, so Manny suggested the skillet jalapeño cheddar corn bread- yeah, how could we say no to that?! I mean, we already coined that night as our night of indulgence! And all the plates exceeded our expectations! 

I am seriously marking my calendar for the next trip to Temazcal! And now two of you can get the chance to head over there with a 50 dollar gift card… all you have to do is either comment under here with an ‘enter me’ or go to my Facebook page here, and like the most recent Facebook status talking about this giveaway (make sure to like the Facebook page too) and then I will pick a winner by next Monday! I am also still doing the ‘Top of the Hub’ giveaway, so go like that status to be entered into that! 

Hope I didn’t make y’all too hungry! 


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