It is Sunday night (insert crying emoji)… and here I am lounging on my bed, and instead of writing the paper due tomorrow (oops), I am thinking of a new blog post! So, I decided to do a currents post… I have done a post like this before, it is pretty much all the things I am currently loving/doing/eating/wearing… so everything you guys probably don’t care about! Ha! But what you will care about is the end of this post when I name the two winners of the Temazcal 50$ Gift Cards! If you are the winner make sure to send me an email with your address so I can get them to you write (I went to edit this because, hello embarrassing, but I decided to leave it as proof of how my brain is apparently non existent by Sunday..) away!

Old Pictures-
I went home on Saturday (back to Andover, such a crazy fun town),
and looked through a bunch of old pictures (told you, always so much going on)… 
(baby pictures, all the way to my early college days, and boy do I miss my long hair)

I made a fashion ‘no-no‘ but I ended up loving it! Judge me.

I forced myself to start reading more- so I downloaded the kindle app on my iPad, and have been finishing up Mockingjay! Yayy for being studious

This is a give in, whenever I am bored I find new inspirational quotes- I know, my life is sooooo exciting.

I needed a good laugh, so I started re-watching ‘The Office’ from season 1! I misssssed it. 

What are some things you guys are currently doing or loving! Let me know below… and Okay, I will stop boring you and let you in on why you came here- the two winners!

Liana @ Run to Munch!

and Jenny Muschinske!

Congrats girls! Thanks so much for entering! 


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