You know when you have so much to do… like, literally (can’t even) a litany of things that NEED to get done… so you make the adult decision to click snooze on your alarm, and then proceed to binge watch your favorite television shows once you finally wake up? That is exactly where I am at right now! I have… and yet, I am finding myself doing EVERYTHING but what needs to be done. Its a slippery slope, a downward spiral if you will, once you push that thing off… you just keep pushing it back further and further to where your mind puts a block up every time it tries to remind you of all the things you need to get done. So, I decided to find things, or steps for lack of a better word, that push me to get all the things on my to-do list, checked off!! 
Also, my horoscope for the last few days has been pretty much calling me out on my B.S (it’s so on point, not sure if y’all believe in allll dat, but if you do download the daily horoscope app!!!)

So here are some things that help me get back into the swing of things,
1. Find a reward… this sounds like the fat kid in me, but whenever I have a lot of studying/or a project to get completed, I promise myself the best/most delicious french fries in the world once said project is completed! I am a die hard fry fan! 
2. Find inspiration… I am not sure if you are religious/spiritual, but whenever I am looking for more focus, I step away from what needs to be done and talk to Ash. Probably sounds weird, and maybe I am lil crazy, but it definitely helps my mind get back on track. 
3. Fear… seriously, sometimes I freak myself out (which is terrible for my already annoying anxiety) that if I don’t finish what needs to be done, I will be letting SO many people down- and I have an immense fear of letting people down, so that gets my ass in gear. 
4. Which leads me to the next tip, commit publicly… tell everyone your plan/what needs to be done and when it will be done, NOBODY likes to look bad in front of others.
5. Shut your internet off… if you are trying to study from notes/books, you don’t needs the internet for at least an hour.. so just BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND SHUT IT DOWN. (ps, sadly this is the hardest thing for me… ahhhh our generations dependence on technology). 
6. Start off small.. do the easier things first, once you have completed some smaller tasks, you will feel more motivated to reach for the bigger ones. 
7. Say bye-bye to Hulu Plus, Netflix, tumblr, twitter, facebook, and whatever other website you roam between reading the sentences from your textbook. 
8. Think about the good that will come from finishing your tasks instead of how annoying it is to actually take part in these tasks… I much prefer going to bed knowing that I just worked my butt off to get stuff done, then going to bed with the daunting fact that I still have so much to get done!
9. Stop saying “i’ll do it tomorrow,” cause you know tomorrow is going to come and you are going to say the SAME exact thing!!! 
10. Don’t shut down… if you are doing your work and you can feel yourself getting frustrated/ ready to give up, take a walk, make some tea/coffee, and come back to your work in 15 minutes. 

Okay, so those are some things I do to help me get the things I need to get done, done. What do you guys do? 


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