Beat up at the dog park? | Storytime


So this happened. I was out at the dog park area behind my apartment (which is pretty much just an area for them to go to the bathroom that is gated)… this man also came along with his mini bulldog… Sampson of course ran over to play with him once he entered the gated area (Sampson is obviously larger, but would never hurt another dog) the man grabbed Sampson by the neck as he was trying to play with his dog… so I walked over and said “let my dog go..” he refused.. So I repeated.. “let go of my dog” very sternly… again, he refused… he was holding tight onto his neck (not collar), we exchanged a few words, then he said “control your dog” and sort of threw him towards me (mind you my dog is still a puppy and just wants to play… I bring him to the dog park EVERYDAY and there has NEVER been a complaint), once he let go of my dogs neck, I grabbed onto his collar to just let this mans dog go to the other side of the gated area to the go to the bathroom without Sampson trying to play…and instead of him ending the confrontation, the man continues to repeatedly call me a “C*nt….Piece of Sh*t…stupid American,” at that moment I just laughed and smiled because it was so absurd to me that a grown man would use these words (he had to be about 35+), and as I continued to hold onto Sampson’s collar he starts screaming “Just get the F*ck out of the park now..” and of course I was not going to leave… I mean first of all, don’t dare say that to me, and secondly, I was there first. So I let go of Sampson’s collar to allow him to run around and like most dogs would, he went back over to his dog to play…and then the man goes, “Okay if you won’t leave then..” and tightly grabs Sampson by the neck.. lifts him above the ground (I would say about to my height) walks him towards the gate and sort of throws him down… and Sampson was yelping incredibly loud during all of this. I of course ran over screaming “are you kidding me…?” he then got in my face and said, “nope, I am not” then pushed me a little..I was so taken back, but stood my ground.. “what, are you going to hit me?” he got closer “you don’t think I will?” then he put his hand in my face and pushed me backwards… I am not lying about any of this, we got into a physical altercation. So I told him I was calling the police… and he goes “not if I do first” so we ended up both calling. Regardless of all that happened, why does someone own a dog and when they don’t even understand the concept. DOGS play… my dog is around other dogs on a daily basis and has never had an issue, sorry that you are little bitch (no pun intended) and can’t handle you little white bulldog getting dirty. I am not even as upset that he put his hands on me as I am that he put his hands on Sampson.


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