Where do I begin?

Life has been chaotic to say the least… So smart me decides that is a good reason to  put off updating everyone with a blog post! In my head I was like, “I have so much I need to catch my readers up on…I need to find a time to write an update” so then the daunting thought of updating everyone was weighing down on my so I just kept pushing it off an off until here I am… with pretty much a book of updates to write (well, a second one). But I won’t just unravel everything on this post because no one has time/ nor cares that deeply about all the life changes, so let me just start with some basics.

I moved. I love my new job. and I am single. Okay, see you on my next post!


Ha, kidding I won’t leave it at that. But I feel like so much of my pasts blogs were about my relationship so I initially was going to just go radio silent and then pick back up after I moved as if nothing changed since I didn’t feel very comfortable/ or ready to broadcast my break up-but I can’t just ignore the elephant in the room… if I came back here acting like nothing changed I would hope all of you would stop reading my blog and call me out on my bullshit.. because that would be incredibly fake.

In all honesty, I am doing really okay. I am not curled up in a ball crying- I mean, I am not going to say it was one of the better moments in my life, but trust me, I’ve been through a lot worse in my life than a break up.

So jumping from that, I decided to move. The old place was great, but the memories from there are meant to be just that, memories. I needed out. I moved to the West End and so far I love it. Me and Sampson are living the singles dream. But I feel like I am starting to live like a bachelor- with a few rolls of sushi and three bottles of wine being the only thing that fill my fridge. Well, now that I don’t live above a whole foods what do you expect from me… to actually walk to the wholefoods that is 5 minutes down the street? God no.

That is it for now. I will be back with new blog posts about whatever else pops in my mind. Missed you!


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