The new apartment.

UGH! I just wrote this entire post, pictures included….. and something happened, I am not sure exactly what happened, but the whole thing was gone. So lets try this again!

I have been asked a few times to post pictures of my new apartment, so here it is. I moved to the new Ink Block apartments in the South End. We live above the new Whole Foods- there is literally an elevator straight to the doors of WF- safe to say I am going broke.

Anyway, this post is going to have way more pictures than writing (I am sure you are all excited about that…)

When you walk into our apartment you see a rolling bar that has alcohol on it (duh) and some of me and Adams little memories and ‘treasures’

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.48.49 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.25.49 PM

Then you look straight and see our living area (if you call it that in such a small place)… where Sammy hangs! This is really his apartment and we just live in it.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.52.24 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.53.28 PM

There is a floor to ceiling window which I love. At night the skyline area is pretty, and it is right near the harbor so whenever there is a fireworks show- we get a home viewing!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.55.06 PMThen to my favorite area (no, not because I cook.. I don’t know how to cook, I just think its purrtttty) the kitchen!

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.59.17 PM

If you couldn’t tell, I got into the fall spirit a bit.

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.00.07 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 10.28.21 PMScreen Shot 2015-10-12 at 11.19.01 PM

Here is our bedroom- it still needs some work… and we have a decent sized walk in closet to the left, but it is so messy I am too embarrassed to show you.. so for now this what you guys get-

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.57.13 PMWe also have a floor to ceiling window in the bedroom… you can kinda see Sampson’s bed, he likes the view 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 9.56.11 PMAnother one of my favorite features!!!

blog8And though our apartment is pretty small, our bathroom is a really nice size! And lol at the toilet paper…

blog3blog4So that is pretty much it for now, once I clean up the closet, and fix up the bedroom, I will update you. And bare with me on these updates- I am new to wordpress and really don’t get it just yet!


The daily questions.

Do you ever go through a day asking yourself a million and one questions? You never actually ask these questions aloud, nor would you know whom to even ask, they just pass through your mind. Okay maybe I am the only one but I have a litany of questions- so here goes.
  • This one relates to Boston. WHY IS IT THAT DRIVING IN THE NORTH SHORE AND SOUTH SHORE is like driving in two different countries?  My boyfriend lives on the South Shore, I barely ever drove around here before dating him, and I swear, once you cross over the Zakim bridge your speedometer automatically DROPS 20 MPH. Its like our cars are programmed to automatically slow down in the South Shore. You would NEVER see someone driving in the fast lane at 65 MPH in the North Shore, but that is like speeding in the South Shore. I can only talk for I-93. But. It. Boggles. My. Mind.
  • I like rap, I really love me some ghetto rap too. But sometimes I listen to songs (and I have skills at knowing every lyric to every song… I turn straight Busta Rhymes and can speed through lyrics) and wonder how they are okay singing these degrading lyrics towards woman, knowing they have young daughters. Cough Lil Wayne cough.
  • Is the girl on the Bachelor really a virgin? (Actually, from the looks of how she was kissing Chris- that is a yes) but why is she? And don’t get me wrong, if you are choosing to stay abstinent more power to you- but this girl clearly doesn’t want to be a virgin, so why at 26, is she? 
  • Why do so many actors become singers?
  • Why does Chris Soules kiss everyone?
  • Where is Juan Pablo today?
  • Why the heck DOES anyone say “you are still hungry!?” as you are putting a piece of food in your mouth, or “didn’t you just eat?” *with those judges eyes. Hmm, no I am not still hungry I just enjoy the motion of putting food in my mouth you twat.
  • If someone asks me “are you feeling okay?” and I reply “yes.” then why do they then open their mouths and say, “oh because you look really pale…” if I said I am fine- you should probably have just kept your mouth shut. Just a thought.
  • Why do people tell me to ‘smile’ when I am walking by myself down the street?
  • Why do people like cats?
  • How is it the year 2015 and there are no cars driving in the sky?

Okay well, that’s it for today… there will undoubtedly be more questions to come.


       It is Sunday night (insert crying emoji)… and here I am lounging on my bed, and instead of writing the paper due tomorrow (oops), I am thinking of a new blog post! So, I decided to do a currents post… I have done a post like this before, it is pretty much all the things I am currently loving/doing/eating/wearing… so everything you guys probably don’t care about! Ha! But what you will care about is the end of this post when I name the two winners of the Temazcal 50$ Gift Cards! If you are the winner make sure to send me an email with your address so I can get them to you write (I went to edit this because, hello embarrassing, but I decided to leave it as proof of how my brain is apparently non existent by Sunday..) away!

Old Pictures-
I went home on Saturday (back to Andover, such a crazy fun town),
and looked through a bunch of old pictures (told you, always so much going on)… 
(baby pictures, all the way to my early college days, and boy do I miss my long hair)

I made a fashion ‘no-no‘ but I ended up loving it! Judge me.

I forced myself to start reading more- so I downloaded the kindle app on my iPad, and have been finishing up Mockingjay! Yayy for being studious

This is a give in, whenever I am bored I find new inspirational quotes- I know, my life is sooooo exciting.

I needed a good laugh, so I started re-watching ‘The Office’ from season 1! I misssssed it. 

What are some things you guys are currently doing or loving! Let me know below… and Okay, I will stop boring you and let you in on why you came here- the two winners!

Liana @ Run to Munch!

and Jenny Muschinske!

Congrats girls! Thanks so much for entering!