10 things that have changed me since losing both of my sisters.

Screen Shot 2015-11-10 at 7.47.56 PM
1. I’ve realized the importance of life. I learned how fragile it is and how I must take advantage of every opportunity that crosses my path.
2. I think more about my future then I ever have… “who will I confide in when I am older?” I see my mom and her sisters and how close they are, and I can’t help but think how I will never have that.
3. I appreciate time spent with my mom so much more, and her strength is truly, truly inspiring.
4. It has made me question God and heaven…I try to pray to Lindsey and Ashley… but then I think.. “can they even hear me? or am I just talking to the sky?”
5. I think about my future children… they will never meet their aunts. All they will ever hear are stories… and I know personally that those stories don’t mean nearly as much as they would if you had actually met the person. I want them to love them as I did… but they won’t.
6. I HATE ‘National sibling day’ and I hate social media on the holidays…
7. Speaking of holidays… I don’t get nearly as excited about them.
8. I also have a hard time being around siblings, whether it be friends or cousins, because I see how close they are and I know I will never have that again. And when people tell me “you are a sibling to me” I smile, but I know its not the same as your actual siblings.
9. I realized that being strong is both a blessing and a curse.
10. I have a lot less sympathy for people and situations when they are so trivial.

Misfortunes of MacKenzie- Take 5.


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        You all thought I had given up my blogging, didn’t you? Tsk, Tsk… such little faith! Ha, I kid… I suck at time management. 
        But today I bring you another Misfortunes… to welcome me back into the blogging world I thought laughing at my own mishaps was an appropriate way to ask for my readers forgiveness for lack of updates.
        For starters, has anyone else noticed that it has been raining an obscene amount as of late? I have begun to expect the cloudy/rainy/miserable weather every morning as opposed to sunshine. 
       I had class one morning when it was down pouring- and I mean, the sky was pretty much falling. I know I have been known to exaggerate, but I swear this was pretty awful. I woke up and had two choices (mom, skip this part) I could not move from bed because rain… or I could conjure up the ‘courage’ and be an adult, trek through the rain and go gain so much knowledge in class (note: sarcasm). MIND YOU, Mai and I at this point had zero umbrellas… (cue complaints about my hair getting ruined, and noooo my makeupppp, it will runnnnnn). I threw both of those options out the window, I turned into a straight up die-va, I called Uber. I realized I wasn’t walking but I also COULDN’T miss this class- it was an important one. Uber showed up, I got in… he didn’t say much, just asked me to put in the destination address on the Uber app (which is a new thing because I never had to do this before..) so I did. Temple Place, Boston Ma, I didn’t pay attention to the zip code because it said Boston, Ma… I just assumed it was right (I know, I know, when you assume it makes an ass out of U and Me…) This ride should be, AT MOST, 5 minutes.
      There I am just sitting in the back seat as the rain pours down harshly against the windshield, trying hard to keep warm in my massive michelin man jacket. I look up and  realize we are now on the highway (remember, this class is literally five minutes from my APT). My class starts at 10.. it was about 9:45. I speak up, “wait, I am confused why are we on the highway?” to which he replies, “well aren’t you going to Roslindale?HUH? I don’t even know where that place is?! And the app definitely said ‘BOSTON, MA‘.. so I said just that, to which he responded, “but the zip code is for Roslindale…” I didn’t understand this because why would it say Boston, Ma as the city- regardless, we were going the wrong way and I was gonna be LATE… and what happens next was the icing on the cake. Oh you know, the sun shines brighter than it had in months. Rainbows and shit flying in the sky. I am now melting in my michelin jacket… stuck in traffic in my pretentious Uber ride to get to my five minute class because God Forbid I walk in rain.. (KARMA!!)  My anxiety is THROUGH the roof as I watch the clock. It was now 953, I am getting annoyed, asking him if there is anyway we can go around this traffic to get back into the city. I told him I needed to get to the state house (I tried giving him the address but he was all “can you direct me.” DUDE I  could get lost in a paper bag). He told me he knew how to get to the state house (wrong… and this is why I have major trust issues, thanks Uber!) We got lost for another 10 minutes, he is blaming me for telling him the wrong directions (if I am not mistaken sir, this is YOUR JOB.. now I am curious what the requirements are in order to become an Uber driver…). 
       We get close enough, I finally just tell him to stop… I get out and run to class. I am so against running in any scenario.. you are about to miss a bus? miss it. You forgot something in the car that is now driving away… get it later.. but I think all the adrenaline in me just made my legs go (and it was a half ass run, so don’t laugh too much). I was 30 minutes late… the classroom door was locked, I had to bang on it for them to open….. yikes, embarrassing. As I finally take my seat, I get the Uber alert regarding my bill….22 DOLLARS…TWENTY TWO DOLLARS…………k. 



      I feel like I am beginning to sound like a broken record, my weekend was quite uneventful. I feel like that comes with the whole ‘growing up’ territory. I remember my weekends (or remember trying to put them together the next day) being filled with clubs, bars, and pre games… now they are filled with school work, work work, and oh that other job too… and in between that, sleep. Which is now making sense as to why having two glasses of wine makes me feel ‘happy.’ YIKES WHEN DID I GET OLD? Don’t answer that, I still look like I am 17 so maybe I should start wearing jean skirts and uggs again to make it more believable… no, even I am not that desperate. 
So this is my weekend of uneventfulness
Friday I had a midterm- which I thought I did terrible on, but come to find out I Aced it, so I needed to add that into the post so I could brag. #sorrynotsorry
I worked late Friday night, and then came back to my APT, changed out of my work attire, and headed to a bar to meet some friends for a glass of wine, after the one glass, I called it a night and walked back to my apt. 
Saturday, I slept in a bit. Got up and ran some errands, I love living right near downtown crossing because I can hit up the Marshalls/Tj MAXX/H&M all the time. I bought some cute clothes, none of which I have pictures of… I suck at blogging tonight. Then I headed to work, where I worked until about 1030pm.
After work, I headed to bar for Lindsey’s birthday, had two glasses of wine- chatted a bit, and took a selfie because… well, because I am vain. Also took an ‘artsy’ picture in the elevator of my APT complex to show off my outfit- which really wasn’t much to show off. I feel like I am being quite self deprecating right now… but I NEED pictures to add to this post so it isn’t terribly boring for you guys!! 

SUNDAY! Still uneventful things happening, but at least a little more exciting than the prior two days. I woke up, showered, yah know.. the usual, and then my mom came into the city to grab lunch with me! It has been hot minute since we have done one of our lunch dates, so it was nice to catch up. With her schedule and my schedule, we find it difficult staying in the loop with each others lives. We also wanted to take this time to look for a gift for Lindsey’s birthday! 
Side note: Have any of you been to Sip? I love it!! The Sushi is delicious, and it is fusion… so we also got the ‘edamole dip’ which is some sort of guac/hummus concoction. I have gotten flatbreads there before as well.. definitely check it out! The fall/apple inspired sangria is delicious. I had two, and ended up walking out of the restaurant without my purse and sunglasses, walked back in and the waiter said “so the Sangria was good?” UGH. 

Then I worked Sunday night until 10… 
How was y’alls weekend? More eventful than mine?


     You know when you have so much to do… like, literally (can’t even) a litany of things that NEED to get done… so you make the adult decision to click snooze on your alarm, and then proceed to binge watch your favorite television shows once you finally wake up? That is exactly where I am at right now! I have so.much.to.do… and yet, I am finding myself doing EVERYTHING but what needs to be done. Its a slippery slope, a downward spiral if you will, once you push that thing off… you just keep pushing it back further and further to where your mind puts a block up every time it tries to remind you of all the things you need to get done. So, I decided to find things, or steps for lack of a better word, that push me to get all the things on my to-do list, checked off!! 
Also, my horoscope for the last few days has been pretty much calling me out on my B.S (it’s so on point, not sure if y’all believe in allll dat, but if you do download the daily horoscope app!!!)

So here are some things that help me get back into the swing of things,
1. Find a reward… this sounds like the fat kid in me, but whenever I have a lot of studying/or a project to get completed, I promise myself the best/most delicious french fries in the world once said project is completed! I am a die hard fry fan! 
2. Find inspiration… I am not sure if you are religious/spiritual, but whenever I am looking for more focus, I step away from what needs to be done and talk to Ash. Probably sounds weird, and maybe I am lil crazy, but it definitely helps my mind get back on track. 
3. Fear… seriously, sometimes I freak myself out (which is terrible for my already annoying anxiety) that if I don’t finish what needs to be done, I will be letting SO many people down- and I have an immense fear of letting people down, so that gets my ass in gear. 
4. Which leads me to the next tip, commit publicly… tell everyone your plan/what needs to be done and when it will be done, NOBODY likes to look bad in front of others.
5. Shut your internet off… if you are trying to study from notes/books, you don’t needs the internet for at least an hour.. so just BE THE BIGGER PERSON AND SHUT IT DOWN. (ps, sadly this is the hardest thing for me… ahhhh our generations dependence on technology). 
6. Start off small.. do the easier things first, once you have completed some smaller tasks, you will feel more motivated to reach for the bigger ones. 
7. Say bye-bye to Hulu Plus, Netflix, tumblr, twitter, facebook, and whatever other website you roam between reading the sentences from your textbook. 
8. Think about the good that will come from finishing your tasks instead of how annoying it is to actually take part in these tasks… I much prefer going to bed knowing that I just worked my butt off to get stuff done, then going to bed with the daunting fact that I still have so much to get done!
9. Stop saying “i’ll do it tomorrow,” cause you know tomorrow is going to come and you are going to say the SAME exact thing!!! 
10. Don’t shut down… if you are doing your work and you can feel yourself getting frustrated/ ready to give up, take a walk, make some tea/coffee, and come back to your work in 15 minutes. 

Okay, so those are some things I do to help me get the things I need to get done, done. What do you guys do? 


       It is Sunday night (insert crying emoji)… and here I am lounging on my bed, and instead of writing the paper due tomorrow (oops), I am thinking of a new blog post! So, I decided to do a currents post… I have done a post like this before, it is pretty much all the things I am currently loving/doing/eating/wearing… so everything you guys probably don’t care about! Ha! But what you will care about is the end of this post when I name the two winners of the Temazcal 50$ Gift Cards! If you are the winner make sure to send me an email with your address so I can get them to you write (I went to edit this because, hello embarrassing, but I decided to leave it as proof of how my brain is apparently non existent by Sunday..) away!

Old Pictures-
I went home on Saturday (back to Andover, such a crazy fun town),
and looked through a bunch of old pictures (told you, always so much going on)… 
(baby pictures, all the way to my early college days, and boy do I miss my long hair)

I made a fashion ‘no-no‘ but I ended up loving it! Judge me.

I forced myself to start reading more- so I downloaded the kindle app on my iPad, and have been finishing up Mockingjay! Yayy for being studious

This is a give in, whenever I am bored I find new inspirational quotes- I know, my life is sooooo exciting.

I needed a good laugh, so I started re-watching ‘The Office’ from season 1! I misssssed it. 

What are some things you guys are currently doing or loving! Let me know below… and Okay, I will stop boring you and let you in on why you came here- the two winners!

Liana @ Run to Munch!

and Jenny Muschinske!

Congrats girls! Thanks so much for entering! 

Dinner review and giveaway- Temazcal Cantina!

        I was in a moooood, and really just needed to get out and vent to someone…(sorry you had to be the chosen one ally) Ally was one of my closest friends in high school, and is still one of my closest friends today! I cherish our friendship so much… I mean, we have been close since freshman year of high school (which is sadly so long ago), running around with our jean skirts and white knee socks that only slightly peaked over the top of our ugg boots- taking peace sign selfies in the middle of the mall, sporting ribbon chokers… (this all happened, no exaggeration) So the fact that we are still close just proves we will be a part of each others lives forever. 
      I had to vent with a view though because I am still high maintenance even when it comes to venting (jokes..) but really, we decided to head to the Seaport District… Temazcal! I was so excited to eat some of the menu staples (hello lobster guac!), and also stare off into that beautiful view.. So no hesitations, we knew that was the place we wanted to go to have our chat session.  Plus, the amazing people at Temazcal gave me  TWO 50 dollar gift cards to the restaurant to give away to two of my readers…how amazing!? Trust me, after you see all these pictures you will be running to this restaurant! 

So, we got an absolutely amazing seat that perfectly displayed the gorgeous view- I mean, words can’t really express just how beautiful it is, so you can just check out the picture below:

YUP… Seriously though… how can you not get lost in that view! Ally was loving it too.. 

What a cutie bear. 
Our waiter Manny was absolutely fabulous, very attentive and knowledgable- he also got brownie points for bringing us over some chips and dips right away (which is so important, read image below…)

it comes with a vegan dip, refried beans, and another type of salsa… this is no tostitos dip- you can tell its all made in house.
And how could you not want to stuff your face with this amazingness? 

Manny then gave us great suggestions on both drinks and food we should check out…but  before he could even give us time to look at the menu, we both blurted out that we wanted the lobster guacamole… yeah you read that right, lobster guacamole! It is heaven in your mouth, and they don’t skimp out on the lobster! 

I know you are drooling right now? cause I certainly am.                                                                             Then my besos margarita came over- which I enjoyed thoroughly, I am usually not a huge margarita fan, but the tequila taste wasn’t overwhelming, and the natural flavors of the strawberry puree shined through! 

Of course we got lost between the view and the venting- so it took us awhile to finally decide on our food choices- but we decided to get another app, a side, and an entree to share! YES WE ATE A LOT AND WE HAVE NO REGRETS… 

 So we started with the trio of ceviche- I love me some lobster, so I wanted more, and this came with it! It was lobster, bay scallop and ahi tuna! 

I wish the pictures did this justice- delicious. 
Then we went with the chicken quesadillas, which was a large portion- perfect to share! 

We then wanted to try a side that was something completely unfamiliar to us, so Manny suggested the skillet jalapeño cheddar corn bread- yeah, how could we say no to that?! I mean, we already coined that night as our night of indulgence! And all the plates exceeded our expectations! 

I am seriously marking my calendar for the next trip to Temazcal! And now two of you can get the chance to head over there with a 50 dollar gift card… all you have to do is either comment under here with an ‘enter me’ or go to my Facebook page here, and like the most recent Facebook status talking about this giveaway (make sure to like the Facebook page too) and then I will pick a winner by next Monday! I am also still doing the ‘Top of the Hub’ giveaway, so go like that status to be entered into that! 

Hope I didn’t make y’all too hungry! 

Lessons I have learned in life.

Just some life lessons I have come to learn in my 20 something years of living… 

  • Things don’t always go as planned. 
  • All of those, “bessssst friendssssss forever…” probably won’t be your best friends forever. 
  • Just make sure to never let go of those friends who would answer your call at 2AM no matter what they are doing, those people are hard to come by. 
  • Sometimes people make mistakes, don’t give up on everyone because they may say or do the wrong thing…everyone is human– even your parents. 
  • Hear people out
  • You can never overuse I love you, and people aren’t good at the guessing game- tell them.
  • Just because you do the right things in life… doesn’t always mean life will do the right things for you. 
  • Time doesn’t slow down for anyone, take advantage of every opportunity. 
  • When things go wrong…remember, that doesn’t mean your whole life is going wrong. 
  • This too shall pass. 
  • Usually toxic people don’t start off in your life as toxic people, be aware. 
  • If you are the only one putting in the effort, its time to let go
  • Sometimes people say forever, and they don’t stay forever. 
  • If a guy only wants to see you at night– he isn’t the one for you. 
  • And if your friends don’t like your boy, he is also not the one for you.
  • There will probably be someone in your life you will feel you let slip away.
  • Just eat the damn ice cream or pizza at midnight, seriously… do it. 
  • Go out of your way to be nice, it will make you feel better
  • Holding onto anger causes more harm than good. 
  • Never doubt yourself. 
  • Sing in the car, sing in the shower, sing wherever the hell you want… no matter how bad you think your voice sounds.
  • More times than not, your gut is right
  • Don’t give up a dream… seriously, no matter how out of reach you may think it is- fight for it every damn day. 
  • Sometimes, no matter how justified you are, you cannot win- that’s okay
  • You can’t control what people do, you can however, control how you react. 
  • Sometimes people just suck
  • Make sure to surround yourself with people who make you laugh. 
  • You know… those boisterous, uncontrollable fits of laughter… its like medicine for your soul.
  • Sometimes, you are wrong, and sometimes, sorry won’t fix it… 
  • Just make sure to say sorry when its appropriate
  • Go on an adventure, even if its something as simple as hiking through your backyard. 
  • Ask for help, it doesn’t make you weak
  • “You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world.. and there is still going to be someone who hates peaches…stop trying to please everybody. 
  • Screw anyone who doubts you. 
  • Stop expecting people to cut you slack, and stop expecting someone to save you. 
  • Do you remember that embarrassing moment from two years ago? Yeah, neither does anyone else- don’t dwell on shit. 
  • The many small things in life add up to be much larger than the few big things. 
Life is a continuous lesson, what are some things you have learned up until now?